July 6, 2017 Lior Burg

Why Voice Messaging is the Next Big Thing in Social Communication

Social networks are here to stay and have become, in a fairly short time, essential in every aspect of our lives.

We use online and interactive social networks and applications in order to increase our social life, interact with potential partners (yes, we know you have THAT dating app on your phone, its ok), search for new job opportunities, look for a bigger apartment and so on.

But, in recent years, a very important and interesting change has begun to accrue in the way we interact with each other, both on social networks and our phones - many people have ditched written messages and emojis in order to express themselves. Instead, they have discovered (or shall we say - gone back to) the many benefits of using their own voice in order to communicate.

Voice messaging is so simple - you can do it anywhere, anytime, while doing other things, and most importantly - people can hear YOU (here’s why it’s so important to use our voices).

Social networks and apps developers quickly understood that using our voice in order to message each other makes much more sense, so they quickly developed voice messaging options on almost every popular platform.

Us here at HearMeOut are, of course, well aware of this very trend 😉

Remember - using your own voice helps you get to people in a more authentic way than just texting. The rest of the social world is now catching on - using our own voices is not only a thing of the past, but also the very big news of the future.


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