The Next Step in Social Media? Consuming Content Powered by VOICE

Posted by: Ally Benoliel, Marketing Manager, HearMeOut

When we think about consuming content, we often think about articles, blogs, newspapers, magazines, YouTube videos, tutorials, vlogs, etc.

We’re here to talk about the next big step – content powered only by voice. It’s time to kick your shoes off, put on your favorite jammies and start creating some awesome stuff.

There are many factors that no longer need to be considered when posting content of this kind – looks, grammar and everything else that goes into writing a post or recording a video is no longer relevant. All you need to do is talk, talk and talk a bit more.

How does it work?

Simple. You record yourself using the app and start talking or singing – whatever floats your boat (or whatever comes to mind). In this judgment-free zone, you’re at liberty to talk about anything that comes to mind and post it for your friends to hear.

Love to sing? Go ahead and post a song you wrote or even a cover, and have your friends and family listen to your post, like it, share it, repost it or even just comment on how much they enjoy hearing you sing.

Love stand-up? Interested in commentary? Go ahead, post your 42 seconds of audio and share it with the world.

When you think about it, how many of us have taken 50 different pictures just to post that one that came out OK? Put that behind you and feel comfortable and free behind your phone, where people can’t see you, only hear you.

Who’d enjoy this?

We’ve noticed different trends: Users recording themselves singing a note or two just to get some honest feedback; users commenting on different movies; and some who just like sharing their thoughts with other followers and even strangers at times. There are a whole bunch of different categories to choose from. You just need to pick the one that best fits your content.

I personally love hearing them all and enjoy getting a sneak peek into other people’s minds. I’m inviting you to join in on the fun!

So really, this is for everyone.

Post your first recording and let’s hear what YOU have to SAY!

4 Reasons Why I Prefer Voice over Text

Posted by: Ally Benoliel, Marketing Manager

Yes, I realize I live among a generation that prefers to text absolutely everything. But deep down inside, there’s still a part of me that prefers voice. I prefer listening to my friends’ stories, hearing my little nephews laugh, and, yes, at the risk of sounding totally cliché, I also enjoy the sound of birds in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand the importance of the written word, and, at times, I’d rather drop someone a line than have to play phone tag with them. But even so, I realize this is a form of communication that is slowly dying. So, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about what I love about voice.

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