Hearmeout is a new mobile experience bridging the gap between what people think and write and the way they would like the message to be received, by using a very sophisticated way to do so – their own voice.

HearMeOut enables every user to listen to 42 seconds of recorded audio - by other users they’re  most interested in: friends, musicians, news reporters, thought leaders, comedians and many more.

Aside from the focused, short and efficient way to receive updates, segmented by categories, it’s an entirely different story when hearing people say and not only write what’s on their minds. Check out interesting opinions about politics, a gag, a new song sketch recorded by a musician in his bedroom, and so on.

We believe that tone has a very important place when it comes to understanding a message. After all it’s the medium that the message is carried upon; that makes the difference. Team that with the active, on-the-go, listening experience and you have a new-old way to connect people, ideas and passion.


Drive Mode

HearMeOut introduces social communicating in your private car. We’ve created the first social radio of its kind by connecting to the vehicle’s systems and API’s, drivers can now listen and record posts while driving via voice control features. They can also share posts on Facebook and Twitter without taking their eyes off the road.


For information on car connectivity and APIs please contact us here



HearMeOut audio playlists are here to change the way people consume their content.  With our playlists and “Drive Mode” features, you can now use HearMeOut as your very own social radio. We’re working hard to adjust our platform to all the new wearable and smart devices to enable our users to get their feed everywhere, at any time and all hands-free.