Lenea: Creating Music in Oslo

When you think of Norway, you may think of stunning fjords, dramatic green and blue landscapes or white, snow covered countryside. But Norway is also known for artistic creativity and great music. Norwegians, by law, are limited in the time they can work, so they have more free time than some other countries.

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Alexandra Kay: Staying True to Country

Alexandra Kay is excited about her music right now and you can really feel her heart and energy in the country music she creates. The singer from Millstadt, Illinois, likes the more traditional sound of country rather than the pop blend that has become so popular now. She shared with us a bit about her and her music career right now.

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Yujin Tanifuji: Sharing His Music

Both traveling the world and making music can be uncomfortable experiences. But Yujin Tanifuji makes travel and making music more comfortable with his easygoing attitude. Most people who travel often do more than just see different places, they meet many different types of people, they encounter new ideas, and develop patience. And Yujin has done just that.

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Cady Groves: Sharing Her Voice

Cady Groves knows that hard work in the music world pays off. In our recent interview, she shared, “I’m walking proof that you can start with nothing and achieve your dreams…So never give up.” Her country-pop sound, as well as her spunky personality, has a lot of appeal.

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Nia Vox: Sharing Her Talent

Nia Vox, a 27 year old up and coming singer with a love for creativity and connection, recently chatted with us about her life and her love for music. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, she grew up visiting the Broadway Theatre district often.

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