Distracted Driving – A Growing and Dangerous Epidemic

Let’s talk about distracted driving. We know what you are thinking right now - “Me? I’m a responsible driver!” and we’re sure that you are. But distracted driving is something we all do and sometimes we don’t even realize. Have you ever changed stations on the radio while driving? Glanced at the GPS to make sure you took the right exit? Refreshed your makeup? Turned around for just a split second to look at your other passengers? If you have, then you have been driving while distracted.

And, let’s be honest here. How many times have you picked up a super important call while driving, checked your emails or sent a text message while being behind the wheel?

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World Voice Day 2017 – Make Sure Your Voice Can Be Heard

Our voice is the most important asset we have when it comes to connecting with our surroundings. Our voice allows us to be heard, to be understood by others, to make our wants, needs, and wishes come true. Our voice helps us connects with other people, help us create significant friendships and relationships. Think about how different your reaction is when you hear someone sharing their thoughts and desires on HearMeOut, for example, as opposed to just reading another update on some other social network. Our voice is a powerful tool for communication, and as such - we need to take a good care of it!

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Special Moments Need To Be Heard!


There are moments in life, in which words on paper (or your phone screen) are just not enough. We experience life through sounds and voices, through words and tones.

What if you could share the sound of special moments, like the excited scream, when you find out you got into the college of your dreams. The precious cry of your newborn child. The sound of your loved one’s voice.

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