Voices Bring People Together - It’s a Fact!

Human beings are social creatures. Social interactions are necessary for our well-being as humans. Studies show that people who have been isolated from society for long periods of time have shown a significant cognitive decline.

Studies also show that the younger generation mainly interacts with each other by written words and emojis, through social networking and instant messaging.

Does nonverbal communication give us the same benefits of interactions with other people using our voices?
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Voices - The Best Emojis We Have.

What’s your favorite emoji?

Is it the smiling “thing” (wink wink)? Maybe it’s the heart emoji, or the face with the rolling eyes or perhaps it’s the merman emoji that you love using the most (no judgment here)?
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Stepping Up Your Game - The Attractiveness of Voices

Let’s just say it straight up - voices have a direct line to our libidos. We can get super attracted to a person based on her or his voice alone - think about hearing a new artist on the radio for the first time or listening to someone you’ve never heard before on HearMeOut. Our reactions to voice are immediate and work on all of our senses. Based on someone’s voice alone, we will start to imagine one’s looks, what they will feel like (yes, admit it), if they are potential partners and so on.
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