March 1, 2018 lior menashe

HearMeOut 2.0: Voice-Based App That’s Revolutionizing Social Media

HearMeOut 2.0 is here and it’s changing the way we interact with social media, and the way that social media interacts with us! As the leading voice-based social network, HearMeOut is on a mission to make social media both easier to use and more exciting to be a part of.

Our 2.0 version lets users add images to posts and bring their voice to life, and create voice memes. Yes. Voice memes. The app has a new home page full of your favorite content which makes it even easier to find content you want to listen to.

HearMeOut’s new design is sleek, easy to navigate, and lots of fun. More importantly, HearMeOut 2.0 has improved the Drive Mode experience. So you can now––safely––play on the go!  

Making noise on social media

Recently, more and more people are turning to their own voices as a medium for communication in our text-based world. It’s probably because of how integrated our lives are with social sites. Now more than ever, they reflect us. And users want to use their voice because it conveys emotion, tone, and subtleties that text is unable to capture.

The average human can speak 150 words per minute, but only type 40 words at the same time. Which explains why there were 35x more Google voice search queries in 2016 than there were in 2008.

Using your voice is on the rise. And HearMeOut 2.0 is providing a social media platform for users to use their voice on.

How is this new social network disrupting the way we consume social content?

HearMeOut is a voice-based social network built around 42-second voice recordings. Voice is taking over our home, our cars and even our messengers, people are rapidly switching to audio for their daily needs. HearMeOut wants it to take over social media too.  

Which is why we have partnered with Ford Motors, and are currently the only social app in Ford entertainment systems, a natural fit for a voice-based social network.

Hundreds of influencers are already using the HearMeOut app, taking advantage of what voice can do for the brands they work with and even their own personal brand. They are even using this app with their existing social networks by sharing a voice post on Twitter and essentially creating “Voice Tweets”.

Voice is easier, and while driving––and walking––it’s safer

With the ability to listen to your social feed when driving, running or any other hands free activity, voice social adds more “screen time” to peoples’ days, expanding the reach for advertisers.  

Voice can expand the time users can be social. HearMeOut 2.0 is creating a way of life that lets you use your voice to share moments and create movement wherever you are.


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