Mr. Moran Chamsi | Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Moran Chamsi is an experienced digital entrepreneur with over 12 years’ experience in creating digital businesses, marketing and advertising. Mr Chamsi was the head of one of the top 10 digital agency in Israel and led digital strategies and budgets for brands such as Dell. Dior, Samsung and Orange. Mr. Chamsi has a combination of professionalism in the general marketing world, specializing in digital and mobile, whilst understanding the world of global trade, with proven experience in business development and leading organizations to growth and prosperity. Mr. Chamsi holds a B.A in Political Science and Communications and a M.A in Law from Bar Ilan University in Israel.

Mr. Yitzchac (Issy) Livian | VP Business Development and Executive Director

Issy Livian has over 10 years of experience in the financial world, working in a well-known Israeli brokerage (Seiler LDT), and in the last few years and was head of business development for a family office, investing in Tech, Real Estate and Diamonds. Born and raised in the U.S, Mr. Livian has great knowledge of the business, social and financial aspects of global finance, as well as in depth analytics of public companies and developing relations with major corporations. Mr. Livian holds a in computer science and mathematics from Bar Ilan University in Israel.

Mr. Glenn Whiddon | Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Whiddon has experience in global investment markets. He has an extensive background in banking, corporate advisory and direct equity investments having worked for Bank of New York in Australia, Europe and Russia. Since 1994, Mr. Whiddon has been the founding partner and director of a number of public companies listed on the ASX, TSX and AIM exchanges, in addition to various private companies, in the natural resource, finance and technology arenas. Mr. Whiddon is currently chairman and serving as a director of a number of Australian and international publicly listed companies. He holds an economics degree from Macquarie University.

Mr. David Tasker | Executive Director

Mr. Tasker has extensive experience in the global capital markets, having led the capital markets function, as National Director – Investor Relations, for WWP ANZ owned company Professional Public Relations for more than 13 years. In this role, he directly oversaw the media and investor relations strategy, and associated implementation, for a large range of listed and unlisted companies. He has extensive contacts throughout the Australasian media and investor communities and he has served as a director of Australian public companies. He also launched and retains co-ownership of leading investor focused publishing assets The Pick and TechInvest (website and magazine). Mr. Tasker holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Murdoch University, Western Australia.

Mr. Lior Menashe | Chief Technology Officer

Graduate of Mamram, Israel Defense Forces elite tech unit Mr. Menashe holds over 15 years’ experience in programming and managing mobile and digital projects for enterprises. Mr. Menashe has led software development teams and is skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle. Mr. Menashe is an expert in translating business requirements into technical solutions and at ensuring software quality, usability, security and scalability. Mr. Menashe holds a MBA in business management and BSC in computer science, Bar-Ilan University.

Mr. Yaki Gani / STUFF PARTNERS – Marketing

Stuff Partners is an innovation agency founded by Yaki Gani and Moran Saar Behar which has over 12 years of experience in strategic planning, creative management and business development in the advertising, entertainment and startup industry. Stuff Partners focuses on bringing startups and brands together to innovate helping companies create new business, new products and new opportunities.
Mr. Gani experience includes marketing strategies, creative and production of projects for worldwide brands such as Nike, Doritos, Disney, Coca Cola, Orange, Soda Stream, Lays, and various international entertainment companies such as MTV, FOX, HBO, VH1, NBC, Comedy Central and Disney.