Musicians – Don’t Sing Alone, Sing Along!

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All you need is love, the Beatles wisely said, and these days, you need a strong community to give you said love. Your fans are what keep you going, they are the reason you work so hard and push through hard times. Their feedback gives you the fuel you need to move forward to become a better artist. Also, isn’t super fun to get to sign your name on someone’s tee-shirt? Just saying.

In the last decade, social networks have changed the way musicians and vocal artists connect with their fan base. These platforms give you different ways to reach a new audience, to collaborate with fellow artists and to share your voice with the world.
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Why Do We Hate the Sound of Our Own Voice – and How to Fix it

We all know that feeling when we hear ourselves on audio or video and think, “Is it me speaking with that awful voice??”

We know we are not the only ones who wince a little (or a lot) when that happens.

It turns out that actually many people are having some issues with the sound of their own voices, but apparently it’s not only about being displeased with ourselves – there’s a scientific explanation to why we don’t like our voices.

Here’s why:

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