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Musicians – Don’t Sing Alone, Sing Along!

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All you need is love, the Beatles wisely said, and these days, you need a strong community to give you said love. Your fans are what keep you going, they are the reason you work so hard and push through hard times. Their feedback gives you the fuel you need to move forward to become a better artist. Also, isn’t super fun to get to sign your name on someone’s tee-shirt? Just saying.

In the last decade, social networks have changed the way musicians and vocal artists connect with their fan base. These platforms give you different ways to reach a new audience, to collaborate with fellow artists and to share your voice with the world.

The thing is – your fans are there because of your voice. Your voice and your unique sounds are what make people stop and listen closely, and really hear you. So, why not make your voice your main means of communication with your crowd?

Think about it. Nothing transfers feelings as good as your own voice. The excitement you feel before your new single drops or when you just finished a really awesome recording session at the studio. The moment when you are about to go on stage and your adrenaline is rushing and you just need to let it out before “go” time. By hearing you when you express your feelings in your own words, your community feels as if they are right there with you, experiencing everything first hand – and what a great feeling that is.

Use your voice. It is what you do best, after all! Channel all those emotions to make your fans feel more attached to you. Talk to your crowd, make them own the excitement, feel the rush of what’s going on. Be with them – anytime, anywhere.

We’d like to introduce a few of the talented musicians who’ve been connecting with their fans the audio way. Cady Groves, Xandria, Alex Juan Tavano, and Elliot Jetter.  Give them a listen.

Join the fun – download the free HearMeOut app now (iPhone | Android), and let your fans enjoy the real you.

Use your voice.

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