Cady Groves: Sharing Her Voice

Cady Groves knows that hard work in the music world pays off. In our recent interview, she shared, “I’m walking proof that you can start with nothing and achieve your dreams…So never give up.” Her country-pop sound, as well as her spunky personality, has a lot of appeal.


Cady grew up youngest of 7 children with a father who played the drums for a honky tonk band. She and her father are both left handed and share a love for music and performing. She remembers that music began on Christmas when, at 4 years old, she was given a blue drum set decorated with blue candy canes. Currently, she shares her life with fellow musician Scott Cerny who supports and encourages her.

She began her professional music career 10 years ago but singing and songwriting have always been a part of her life. She recently moved to Nashville from L.A. to work on her first country album. Creating an album is the best way for an artist to really explore her musical ability rather than putting out singles every so often.

Nashville, Cady’s new hometown, is, in fact, known as the Songwriting capital of the world. The music industry in Nashville really encourages developing and sharing songwriting. The Nashville Songwriter’s Association International is headquartered here as well. Rolling Stone named Nashville the city with the “Best Music Scene” because of the varied music scene. With 160 music venues, the city makes it easy for artists to share their music with fans.

Cady regularly posts clips of her new songs on HearMeOut for listeners to follow the album’s development. She shares, “I am so incredibly proud of the hard work I’ve put in every single day in the studio the last 7 months for this album.” Her enthusiasm really comes through in her sound. And she’s not going to wait till the album is released to share her music: she shares her progress with followers on Facebook, Instagram and HearMeOut.

Her own music tastes range from the pop sounds of Alanis Morissette, country stylings of Shania Twain, and the inventive rap of Eminem. Because she works to create her own lyrics and music, as well as get the sound just right, it’s clear she has a creative streak country fans will enjoy.

Cady understands that songwriting is the key to country music so her sound is not just a copy of the mainstream sound listeners hear today. It’s that touch of personal connection and creativity that makes Cady’s music worth listening to.

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Nia Vox: Sharing Her Talent

Nia Vox, a 27 year old up and coming singer with a love for creativity and connection, recently chatted with us about her life and her love for music. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, she grew up visiting the Broadway Theatre district often.


As you can imagine, Broadway, with its big lights and sell out shows, ignited her desire to perform. Her life-long dream to become a musical performer is finally materializing as she records her debut EP and prepares to perform in New York City this year.

Nia has always had a love for music and the performing arts. At the age of 2, she would sing around the house and dance on her parents’ coffee table to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”.  In an effort to channel her abundant energy, her parents enrolled her in dance school when she was 6 years old. She continued to dance through high school and began to study musical theatre to hone her singing and acting skills. She continued to perform theatre throughout college.

Coming into her own now, she is excited to channel her passion for music into original songs. She says, “Releasing and performing music that I’ve written based on my own experiences is an opportunity to show who I really am as an individual and as an artist. In the upcoming year, I plan to expand on what I have to offer as a vocalist, songwriter, and performer. 2018 is the year I set out to grow and push myself exponentially.”

The most important step to starting a music career is getting your music out there to connect with listeners. Fans today love to hear about the life and interests of their favorite performers and Nia understands the importance of this.

In fact, Nia has built an international online presence since 2016 with her acapella song covers and posts about her personal life. She loves to sing anytime she can and her Instagram is full of her musical exploration, as well as personal insight into her life that her fans can relate to.

However, Nia recognizes the relevance of connecting with fans in new, exciting ways. HearMeOut has given Nia the platform to share her singing without having to worry about the visual performance aspect, allowing her to engage with listeners using only her vocal ability. “I’m gaining new followers who only know me based off my voice, it’s a great feeling to know they enjoy the covers for what they truly are about – the music. HearMeOut is a great community filled with amazing, creative individuals. Not only do I enjoy sharing my content, but I love hearing others share their stories and talents. It inspires me to become a better artist” Nia says. 

Nia knows that artists need to have a sound that really sets them apart. While creating her own music, she draws inspiration from both 90s R&B music from the likes of Janet Jackson, TLC, Toni Braxton, and Aaliyah to current day pop artists Halsey, Charlie Puth, and Ed Sheeran. Her musical taste reflects an admiration for the smooth tones of classic R&B, as well as a modern reinvention of that sound often found in today’s music. Nia’s debut single “We Don’t Know Better” showcases these musical influences, while still reflecting her own unique musical style. You can find her single as well as her interactive music on HearMeOut.

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