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Stepping Up Your Game – The Attractiveness of Voices

Let’s just say it straight up – voices have a direct line to our libidos. We can get super attracted to a person based on her or his voice alone – think about hearing a new artist on the radio for the first time or listening to someone you’ve never heard before on HearMeOut. Our reactions to voice are immediate and work on all of our senses. Based on someone’s voice alone, we will start to imagine one’s looks, what they will feel like (yes, admit it), if they are potential partners and so on.
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How Text-Messaging Sabotages Your Relationships

Most of us cannot even remember how we lived our lives prior to the invention of text messages. We got so used to choosing writing communication instead of talking on the phone, never mind meeting in person, that most of the day we don’t even make it a conscious decision, we just reach for our phones and text.
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Judging Voices – In Real Life!

As part of the human society, we are constantly being measured, judged and criticized because of the way we look, behave and socialize with other people. Most of us are highly aware of that, and we take the proper actions – dress a certain way, watch our reactions in social encounters and work hard to present ourselves the way we want to.

There is one thing, however, that we rarely think of (and there isn’t much we can do to change it) – our voice.
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The Increases of Voice and Audio in the Digital Space

The World Wide Web has changed our lives in the last two decades since it has become a common feature in almost every household across the world, connecting the world in ways never seen before.

In the last few years, an interesting shift has occurred, and that is that voice and audio are taking big parts in the digital world, over areas that have once been dedicated to written media.
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Why Voice Messaging is the Next Big Thing in Social Communication

Social networks are here to stay and have become, in a fairly short time, essential in every aspect of our lives.

We use online and interactive social networks and applications in order to increase our social life, interact with potential partners (yes, we know you have THAT dating app on your phone, its ok), search for new job opportunities, look for a bigger apartment and so on.
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Car Connectivity – New Ways to Improve Safety

The age of smartphones has brought new challenges to automakers – how can we combine using drive-related applications, such as GPS and music apps, while still keeping drivers and passengers safe? By now, it is well known how even a brief moment of averting our eyes from the road ahead can put us and drivers around us in danger.
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Why Voice Matters

Using our voices as a default means of communication used to be obvious, but the wonderful invention of the internet and smartphones that invaded our lives has changed the way we communicate with each other.
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How to Share Your Voice with the World

So by now, you’re familiar with HearMeOut and you’re getting used to having your voice heard by the world. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The next step is making sure everyone else you know online hears you.

One of the best ways to get new followers to your HearMeOut profile and make sure more people are listening to you is to simply use your other social network channels.

Here’s what you do, and trust us – it’s super easy!
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Three Ways to Find New Voices on HearMeOut

Welcome! We are so happy that you joined the voice movement and the HearMeOut community. Now that you are here, let us hook you up with some interesting voices.

  1. The Discovery Screen:

It’s so simple. You can find who’s trending right now on HearMeOut. You will also find people that we think you might know. Check out some new voices, the sounds might surprise you!

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