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Three Ways to Find New Voices on HearMeOut

Welcome! We are so happy that you joined the voice movement and the HearMeOut community. Now that you are here, let us hook you up with some interesting voices.

  1. The Discovery Screen:

It’s so simple. You can find who’s trending right now on HearMeOut. You will also find people that we think you might know. Check out some new voices, the sounds might surprise you!

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Distracted Driving – A Growing and Dangerous Epidemic

Let’s talk about distracted driving. We know what you are thinking right now – “Me? I’m a responsible driver!” and we’re sure that you are. But distracted driving is something we all do and sometimes we don’t even realize. Have you ever changed stations on the radio while driving? Glanced at the GPS to make sure you took the right exit? Refreshed your makeup? Turned around for just a split second to look at your other passengers? If you have, then you have been driving while distracted.

And, let’s be honest here. How many times have you picked up a super important call while driving, checked your emails or sent a text message while being behind the wheel?

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World Voice Day 2017 – Make Sure Your Voice Can Be Heard

Our voice is the most important asset we have when it comes to connecting with our surroundings. Our voice allows us to be heard, to be understood by others, to make our wants, needs, and wishes come true. Our voice helps us connects with other people, help us create significant friendships and relationships. Think about how different your reaction is when you hear someone sharing their thoughts and desires on HearMeOut, for example, as opposed to just reading another update on some other social network. Our voice is a powerful tool for communication, and as such – we need to take a good care of it!

Here on HearMeOut, we know best how important our voice is and we always try to raise awareness to use it correctly. Read more

Special Moments Need To Be Heard!


There are moments in life, in which words on paper (or your phone screen) are just not enough. We experience life through sounds and voices, through words and tones.

What if you could share the sound of special moments, like the excited scream, when you find out you got into the college of your dreams. The precious cry of your newborn child. The sound of your loved one’s voice.

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5 Reasons to Use Your Own Voice to Protest

special moments, audio, voice

Times are crazy (aren’t they always?). The last few years have shown us that revolutions start online – and mostly on social networks. Most places on Earth are connected to the internet, and many people across the world are using social platforms to say what they think. We all have a voice, an opinion, and now it’s easier than ever to share it with everyone.

Your voice is the strongest asset you have – don’t be afraid to say what you think about things that are important to you.

HearMeOut gives you the perfect solution to make sure your voice is heard while things are happening in real time.

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How to Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

Your voice is unique and one of a kind. Now, we want people to hear you out, right?

Ok, this is how to make it happen:

1.Make your description heard: Make sure that the ‘headline’ you give to your new posts gives your listeners’ a good understanding of what you are talking about.For example – ‘My potato salad recipe in 40 seconds!’ or ‘Why I think the Giants will win the game tonight’.
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Musicians – Don’t Sing Alone, Sing Along!

Photo of young people having fun at rock concert, active lifestyle, fans applauding to famous music band, nightlife, dj on the stage in the club, crowd dancing on dancefloor, night perfomance

All you need is love, the Beatles wisely said, and these days, you need a strong community to give you said love. Your fans are what keep you going, they are the reason you work so hard and push through hard times. Their feedback gives you the fuel you need to move forward to become a better artist. Also, isn’t super fun to get to sign your name on someone’s tee-shirt? Just saying.

In the last decade, social networks have changed the way musicians and vocal artists connect with their fan base. These platforms give you different ways to reach a new audience, to collaborate with fellow artists and to share your voice with the world.
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Why Do We Hate the Sound of Our Own Voice – and How to Fix it

We all know that feeling when we hear ourselves on audio or video and think, “Is it me speaking with that awful voice??”

We know we are not the only ones who wince a little (or a lot) when that happens.

It turns out that actually many people are having some issues with the sound of their own voices, but apparently it’s not only about being displeased with ourselves – there’s a scientific explanation to why we don’t like our voices.

Here’s why:

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Are You in on the Growing Trend of Audio-Based Technology, Devices & Apps? You Should Be!


Messaging has sure come a long way since we first started texting. As have all communication devices, for that matter. With smartphone ownership on the rise globally, and our increasing desire to consume and share content while on the go, tech is seeing an audio revival. Today, according to eMarketer, more than 50% of people in the United States access digital audio monthly. U.S. consumers now have the ability to stream audio everywhere, whether at home or in the office, at the park, on the train, or in the car, etc.
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