August 10, 2017 lior menashe

How Can We Make Our Voice Sound More Interesting

First thing first – self-love, people! We are born with what mama gave us, and that is always fine and dandy. It is important to love and accept yourself the way you are.

But, now that we’ve got that one thing clear, let’s talk business – sometimes we want to make our voice sound a bit “more.” Maybe we want it to sound sexier, either to impress a significant other or just to boost our self-esteem. Maybe we want it to sound more “serious” if we have a big presentation ahead of us. Or maybe, we just want to sound more put together. Either way, we can’t dramatically alter our voice without using technical measures, but there a few things we can do that will have an effect on the way we sound.

Volume – make sure to speak in a strong voice. Strong doesn’t necessarily mean loud, but speaking in a strong tone will automatically make you sound more self-assured. If you aren’t sure what “strong voice” means, look for an online lecture by Mark Zuckerberg or former President Obama, for example.

Breath – most of us don’t breathe right, and as result, don’t speak right and make our vocal cords do extra work. Experts say that the most pleasant voice is an effect of using the diaphragm correctly, so make sure you breathe into and from your belly. It will have an immediate effect on your voice, as well as your general feeling.

Work on it – take a few singing or acting classes, even if it’s not your thing at all. Singers and actors work with their voices, and these classes will teach you the correct method of using your voice, resulting not only in your voice tone becoming clearer but also helping your vocal cords work right. Learning how to speak correctly is even more important if your day job includes lots of talking, like teaching, to name one.

So, if you want to make your voice sound more interesting and also help your body be more effective, use these simple methods, and let us hear you out in a new HearMeOut post!

Use Your Voice.


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