Share This Awesome Update

1. Share Your Voice With The ENTIRE Worl

At HearMeOut, we want EVERYONE to be heard. That’s why we’ve enabled the Entire-World-Listening feature, where you don’t need to have HearMeOut in order to listen to the posts! This way, your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, email buddies, Pinterest pinners or just about anybody, can hear you.

After you record your post, go to your feed, and see the three dots button under the post. Click it and the option of sharing to Facebook, Twitter, eMail or COPY the post URL will be visible to you. Now go be heard.

Android users - the three dots button doensn’t currently work on Android - we’re fixing it.

Meanwhile you can turn on the Facebook and Twitter buttons in the Share screen and your posts will be shared, see below:

  1. Invite Friends

No one likes talking to themselves. It can be funny at times, though often it’s weird, and people will look at you.

That’s why on HearMeOut you can invite your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and email contacts to join HearMeOut and follow you. Be there first, be that one person who’s like ‘Yeah, I’ve been using HearMeOut since early 2014, I was there when it started’. We will help you become popular.

3. Drive Mode

See that little car icon on the TOP RIGHT end of the screen?
Meet the Drive Mode. The Drive Mode button is one of the coolest thing you’ll see in social media – your feed plays itself, and you don’t have to touch the screen at all.

No matter which feed you’ll visit, be it the home feed, a user’s profile feed or a hashtag feed – clicking the Drive Mode button will allow an automatic playing of that feed. You can drive, jog, cook or do whatever you want – the HearMeOut feed will just play itself!