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It’s noisy and crowded out there, and you want your posts to be heard by as many people as possible, right?

Here are three tips to get heard (and seen):

  1. It’s all about the description:
    When you share a new post, consider including a description that will briefly explain what the listener should expect when listening to your post. For example ‘My potato salad recipe in 40 seconds!’ or ‘Why I think the Giants will win the game tonight’.




  1. Give them categories and help them choose:
    One of the coolest advantages of HearMeOut is the ability to selectively choose which posts to listen to. So instead of having a mass of content poured into your eyes, you can identify quickly which posts to listen to according to their category. The eye will zoom in on the desired colors and filter out all the rest. So help your listeners when they scroll their feed, and label your posts under the most relevant category.


  1. Hashtag, Hashtags:
    Adding several hashtags will be a terrific way to get your posts noticed.
    First, people are searching for interesting hashtags in the Search screen. This is a great way for your  posts to get discovered.
    Second, when your post will be shared by you or someone else on Twitter, HearMeOut will share both the description and the hashtags. This way, your audio posts can be a part of the social conversation on Twitter, and your killer posts will be heard by people who don’t follow you, and you might become the overnight social media rockstar!


We hope you found these tips helpful!

For questions, feedbacks and other comments – please email us at [email protected]

Team HearMeOut