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Ask the Grateful Dead – they’ll tell you – it’s all about having a community around you, and keeping them motivated, engaged and excited about you and about what you do.
The web has brought countless ways to reach your fans, be it your Facebook fan page, twitter profile, YouTube channel, Instagram and probably some other ‘digital real estate’.

But none of these channels reflects you, the musician, as a whole. And by ‘you’ I’m talking about the entire experience, as if you were actually talking to them. Sure, they can read your witty tweets or get excited by your announcement on Facebook of your new song, or see a photo of you in the studio, but that’s missing the intimacy, and that fans want, is to get close and intimate, just like with anything else that we love.

When you write ‘super excited to announce my single is out’ – well, just how excited are you? Would three exclamation marks make us understand? Two smiling faces? One emoticon of a dog and a snowman, carrot and a 4X4 truck?

When you say that you’re now mixing your new song, how can we, the listeners, be a part of it?
So yeah, YouTube is awesome, but it’s also expensive to produce, time consuming, and can’t be done if you are having a bad hair day…
With HearMeOut, the use of voice in social media brings something completely different.
The use of short (up to 42 seconds) audio posts, will reflect how you really feel, your voice will deliver your emotions better.

The new song sketch you’re working on? They can be delivered to all your followers right on the spot. Your excitement? Whamm, straight at them!
This way, your community will feel that you are really talking to them. You’re there. With them. In their house, in their car, on the street.

Here are several examples of musicians who’ve been engaging with their audience the audio way. Interested? Get the free HeareMeOut app now (iPhone | Android), and let your fans enjoy the real you. It’ll be a whole different experience for both you and them.

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