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We live in crazy times. People all around the world start to claim social justice more than ever before, they learn about what’s going on from reports on their social networks and exchange ideas and agendas. From many aspects, this is the most exciting time to be an activist, and by activist I’m referring to people who try to influence others on their political or social agenda. Be it by participating in protests, or posting on social networks and try to make people think differently and wake up from the indifferent and passive state of mind.

Using your voice is a crucial part in your activity, and HearMeOut is a great platform to do so. Here are the main advantages of using HearMeOut as an activist:

1. Real-time reports – be the alternative to the institutional and commercial media. If you’re in a protest, simply record what’s happening, the sounds and add your commentary. Then immediately deliver the news everywhere.

2. Voice is more persuasive then your keyboard – imagine yourself talking about politics, human and animal rights, feminism or just anything else, using texting only. Don’t you feel it’s lacking your passion and all your persuasion power?

3. Use Twitter mention to say it in their face – With HearMeOut you can record your post and say something ‘hey Obama, I think that the US should take serious/not do anything at all with that N. Korea scandal!’. Then share it to twitter and mention Obama’s profile. You’ll know that the he will hear you (him or one of the 100 people who work with him on listening to social networks mentions).

4. No fakes and bots - The conversation in HearMeOut is clean from bots. If you listen to a person talking – you hear a person talking. It’s an experience of a real, live and vivid debate

..And one another reason, we just had to…
5. You are real. Unleash your emotions – enough with the smiling icons and too many exclamation marks and censorship of words    like S*#t. You’re angry? Frustrated? Then express it and just be you.

Now on HearMeOut: Join the Obama debate share your voice, does Obama sucks or rocks?