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World Voice Day 2017 – Make Sure Your Voice Can Be Heard

Our voice is the most important asset we have when it comes to connecting with our surroundings. Our voice allows us to be heard, to be understood by others, to make our wants, needs, and wishes come true. Our voice helps us connects with other people, help us create significant friendships and relationships. Think about how different your reaction is when you hear someone sharing their thoughts and desires on HearMeOut, for example, as opposed to just reading another update on some other social network. Our voice is a powerful tool for communication, and as such – we need to take a good care of it!

Here on HearMeOut, we know best how important our voice is and we always try to raise awareness to use it correctly.

This year on World Voice Day , celebrated each year on April 16th, we urge you to be aware of the importance of using your voice correctly. Research the ways to take care of your voice (you can find some helpful tips in the WVD page), drink lots of water to make your voice more clear, try to stay clear of smoke and heavy pollution, and use your voice on HearMeOut to speak about all the things that matter to you the most. Think about the most important or exciting thing that has ever happened to you because you used your voice to communicate.

Was it telling your partner that you love them for the first time?

Was it sharing your promotion with a friend?

Was it the first time you went on a stage and sang your heart out?

Or maybe, it was as simple as just saying Hello to a new neighbor, who is now a dear friend.

Think about it, and then use your voice to share it with us.

Use your voice.


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