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The Owl’s Inn: Creativity and Harmony

Arielle and Isaiah love harmonizing together. Their band, “The Owl’s Inn,” offers a dynamic and unique sound with a blend of folk, rock, pop and blues.” Arielle brings her powerful and bluesy vocals while Isaiah blends in his complex vocal and instrumental melodies. Listening to them, it’s clear their biggest strength is their creative lyrics and melodies.

Both Arielle and Isaiah hail from New Jersey and currently live in New York City. They began their music career by performing at open mic nights and school concerts. Performing live is a big part of what they do, including performing in Washington Square Park, in Greenwich Village, a popular place for musicians and performers. Drawing a crowd is really a lot of fun for them. And their music is interesting to listen to because the blend catches people by surprise.

Isaiah grew up listening to Raffi and other performers. In fact, he has played guitar and written songs since 2nd grade. He loves to listen to creative lyrics and different music styles and blend up to three different artists into his music. Arielle brings her own energy to their music which continues to motivate Isaiah to continue songwriting and performing. Music is a hobby for them but nevertheless they are building a fan base on Facebook and have music on Spotify, iTunes, and HearMeOut.

Isaiah and Arielle enjoy listening to The Beatles, The Head and The Heart, and Twenty One Pilots. The Beatles introduced new styles of music, concert performance, and album length at a pivotal time in American history. The 4 Beatles harmonized four distinct sounds well. Isaiah likes that the Beatles created new music patterns and “pushed the limits of creativity while staying musical.”

The pair also enjoy The Head and The Heart “because they are able to create modern sounding music while the soul and essence is classic and authentic.” As The Owl’s Inn continues to develop their music, they are sharing it online. One advantage Isaiah mentioned is HearMeOut lets you record easily without having to worry about the camera angle or the photo filter. That puts the focus on the music rather than the performance which is ideal for quick posting and direct feedback. The easy record method is “easy, simple, and authentic.”

For folk artists, authenticity and creativity are important elements in the music. Getting feedback from a performing community helps to refine the harmony or feel satisfaction that all that creative songwriting really connects with listeners. You can listen in on HearMeOut or look for their upcoming performance dates at their website.

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