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Q&A with comedian Didi Rio

Every two weeks, we interview another one of our randomly selected fabulous users. For your chance to be selected for an interview, when posting, use the hashtag #HMOq&a

  1. Give us a short bio of yourself.

    My name is Didi and I am a fifteen-year-old comedian from southern California. I make short comedy bits around the Internet and have a fast-pass comedic timing that I’d like to think is my ‘gimmick’ haha. I also do live shows and have worked with college humor, soulpancake, and snapchat inc.

  2. How’d you get into comedy?

    I didn’t even realize that I was getting into comedy was I was doing it. I started out on snapchat by making short interactive ‘time travel stories’ where I would go to the fifties & the etc. which people apparently found funny. I was always the ‘comic relief boy’ in the family since I was little so I figured that was my potential niche.

  3. Why do you enjoy being a comedian?

    I love to try to create little worlds within every joke I make, I want people to feel empathy for the “character” in the joke or to maybe think about the joke at random times later in the day, that’s really why I love doing this, because those possibilities and spreading positivity of course. That’s very important to me.

  4. What’s happening in your comedy career right now/ what’s your next move?

    Up next for me is music! lots of comedy music coming out soon, I have one I’m putting out later in the year called “bad bets” and you are the first to hear!

  5. What do you like about HearMeOut?

    I love HearMeOut because it’s got that solid authentic feel a lot of other apps don’t have, I look at everything with a creative aspect and the first time I heard of HearMeOut my mind immediately started firing with ideas, mainly because of how fun it looked, and how easy it looked!


Check out more of Didi and make sure to give him a follow @didi_rio!


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