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Joana Navarro: Soulful Spaniard

Barcelona, Spain is a bilingual city where you can hear both Spanish and Catalan spoken. It also has a strong art scene, cutting-edge fashion design, beautiful architecture, a famous monastery and interesting museums. Barcelona is also known for its nightlife. At night, locals and tourists can find exciting restaurants, theaters, and clubs.

Joana Navarro, up and coming singer, lives in beautiful Barcelona. Joana, 16, talked with us about her love for singing, the guitar, and dance. She became interested in music at 8 years old and spends most of her free time singing or dancing. If you catch her on Instagram (@sixty6sings) or her YouTube channel, you’ll hear her soulful pop sound or see her fancy footwork.

She shared with us that she would love to be an artist but is also interested in public relations or fashion design. Her family consists of her French mother, Spanish father, and one older brother. Joana projects confidence and style that will serve her well as she builds her music career.

She enjoys singing songs from her favorite artists including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Sam Smith, James Arthur and Ed Sheeran. Of course, she adds her own soulful style to popular songs to give them her own twist. If you follow some popular musicians, you know that many can fall into the traps of the music business. So many come into the spotlight, then fade fast.

Writer Heather McDonald, in sharing how to safeguard your music career, warns against common pitfalls. She suggests artists build their career slowly and have a long-range plan. To reach your goals, you need to put effort daily into building your dreams. Joana clearly is intent on improving her singing and growing a fan base.

Joana likes using HearMeOut to share her passion for music with artists around the world. She is growing her music career as she grows up. HearMeOut offers an easy way to post and offer feedback.

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