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Eliza May: Making Her Way As A DJ

When you think DJ, you may think of the morning talk radio or the guy who plays music at weddings. But actually there are other kinds of DJs who put effort and hustle into the music they play. Eliza May, born in Russia, saw an advertisement at her university for DJ courses. She told us that when she signed up, she thought it was to learn about DJ for radio but instead she learned how to be a club DJ.

Currently, she has changed her hobby into a career and has 7 years experience as an open format club DJ. She wants to take her skills to the next level so she has gotten into scratching and turntablism. As a bit of background, club DJs work hard to match their musical expression to that of their listeners. A DJ has to be able to blend and mix music through matching tempo and phase (beat).

Some DJs use software to blend the music for them, while others learn the tricks and skills to beat match on their own. A talented turntablist impresses with her or his ability to adjust or fade the music tracks and creatively produce a unique sound. Since DJs usually do not write lyrics or play the music on a musical instrument (such as a guitar or piano), they rely on a DJ controller and other hardware, as well as music tracks they select.

Radio announcers as well as people who play music at weddings, dances, and parties, are also called DJs but each type of DJ has a different job. Eliza lives in Los Angeles, California home to a great music scene. She knows it’s important to know your listeners and hustle to get a good following. As a girl, she played piano as well as attended music school. But now as a DJ she has several singles out on Soundcloud and Spotify, and of course, records music to HearMeOut.

As for her inspiration, she lists DJ Qbert and DJ I-Dee. She also admires DJ Angelo, DJ Craze, A-Trak and DJ Vekked. She also likes music producers Diplo, Party Favor, and Yellow Claw. (A music producer makes the music tracks that DJs work with). You can check out Eliza at her upcoming gig on April 28 at Heat Nightclub in Anaheim, CA.

Her new single “Up in the Club” got to #8 in the Beatport’s Trap & Future Bass Top 100. She enjoys meeting other artists and DJs so HearMeOut is a great way to share music and opinions. Eliza said, “I love how many talented musicians are on the app.” Talented at self promotion, Eliza is growing her career as she looks for new opportunities. Check out DJ Eliza May on HearMeOut.


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