January 21, 2018 Lior Burg

Yujin Tanifuji: Sharing His Music

Both travelling the world and making music can be uncomfortable experiences. But Yujin Tanifuji makes travel and making music more comfortable with his easygoing attitude. Most people who travel often do more than just see different places, they meet many different types of people, they encounter new ideas, and develop patience. And Yujin has done just that.

Starting a music career includes meeting different people and patiently working through the process. Yujin, who plays guitar and sings pop music, admires the singing talent of Ed Sheeran because “he is the definition of hard work for me as he writes and sings his own songs.” Sheeran writes and performs his own music, which requires patient effort and creativity, something Yujin admires.

Applying hard work and creativity, Yujin would like to make his own mark in the music world too. He told us in his recent interview that he discovered his love for singing in 5th grade when he had to perform in front of his class. He got a great response to his version of “Let it Be” by the Beatles which motivated him to develop his talents. He not only sings but has played piano since he was 5 and guitar since 7th grade.

Talking with Yujin, it’s clear he doesn’t want to be superficial but instead really down to earth. With this approach, he is getting the word out about his music on HearMeOut as well as Facebook and Instagram. Getting his music out to listeners is a great way to get feedback and encouragement.

Yujin, in addition to visiting places such as Australia, the Philippines, Germany, and the U.S., also likes to chill at home creating music. In fact, he is half Korean and half Japanese with some roots in Germany. Yujin’s sound, however, is a nice blend of modern classics with a personalized element. He is currently talking with a few big labels and so is devoting more time to writing and recording music.

It’s clear that Yujin welcomes the interaction and suggestions he can get on social media. In today’s music world, it’s important to network so that your fans find your music and feel like they know something about you.

Someone who is willing to put himself out there, like Yujin, will gain a lot from responding to both listeners and other performers. Positive feedback can give you confidence to keep going while negative feedback can help you see where to make changes and how to get better at performing. Yujin knows it’s about getting out there and listening to others.

Yujin has the advantage of knowing some of the technical side of music equipment and recording. And he knows when you keep putting in effort: you can get something out of it. Check him out on HearMeOut.

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