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Why Voice Platforms Are Here To Stay

The last three decades or so have been remarkable in terms of technology. Things that were considered imaginary in the late 80’s, like light-weight computers and mobile phones, are so common nowadays that most of us can’t even understand how life went on before.

In less than 30 years, we ditched dial phones, invented the internet and laptops, almost half of the world population owns a sophisticated smartphone which can basically rule the world, given the opportunity, and it feels like we are always searching for the next big thing.
Well, the next big thing is already here and has been for a while. In fact, we are all born with it – our voices, and in the last few years, technology and voices have joined forces to lead our tech progress even more.
Voice platforms are everywhere these days: Siri processes more than 2 billion voice searches every week, 1 out of 5 Google search is being made by voice command, and Amazon’s Echo is on its way to become a household device.
We don’t only use our voice to search for information – we also go back to using our voices as our main means of communication, with some help of the new age technology. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber have larger mobile audiences than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram’s users.
Why is that? Well, mostly, it’s because using our voices is so much easier. It’s the way we are built, and now we have learned how to recruit modern times to help us use our voices in better and faster ways.
It’s faster, it’s safer – we can send a new voice message, ask Siri to book us a table for dinner or record a new HearMeOut post while doing other things (you must always take maximum caution while driving!), and most importantly, it transfers our meaning exactly the way we meant it.
Voice platforms are here to stay, and many brands have jumped on the voice wagon and are constantly developing new and exciting ways for us to use our voices.

What do you think? Do you prefer using your voice to achieve day to day errands?
Use Your Voice to tell us all about it in a new HearMeOut post!

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