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Voices – The Best Emojis We Have.

What’s your favorite emoji?

Is it the smiling “thing” (wink wink)? Maybe it’s the heart emoji, or the face with the rolling eyes or perhaps it’s the merman emoji that you love using the most (no judgment here)?

Have you, like most the Western world population, grown into the habit of using emojis as the common way to express your emotions? Adding a smiling face at the end of a job-related email, sending your significant other a smiling emoji blowing a kiss after a fight, or attaching that speak-no-evil monkey emoji to basically any text message you ever sent.

Emojis are all fun and games; as long as we understand their meaning in the context we use them, and guess what? We usually don’t. That’s the biggest problem we have with emojis – most of the time we are busier guessing what it means than actually understanding the message.

Nonverbal communication will always have different meanings and figuring it out can be quite a struggle.

The solution is (as always) very simple – use your voice.

Our voices don’t need any visual aids because using our words is the only way to fully express what we think, feel and want to express. Voice is the only tool we have that combines both words and feelings together. Using your voice instead of emojis is the only way to stay clear of any unnecessary misunderstanding because there is only one way to interpret what we are saying – and that is to listen to us. It really is that simple.

Use Your Voice!

We would love to hear – what’s the biggest misunderstanding you’ve had following a foul use of emoji? Use your HearMeOut posts to tell us all about it!


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