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Voices Bring People Together – It’s a Fact!

Human beings are social creatures. Social interactions are necessary for our well-being as humans. Studies show that people who have been isolated from society for long periods of time have shown a significant cognitive decline.

Studies also show that the younger generation mainly interacts with each other by written words and emojis, through social networking and instant messaging.

Does nonverbal communication give us the same benefits of interactions with other people using our voices?

The answer to this question is very clear – NO.

Using our voices have a huge effect on how we express our emotions, how we interact with various situations in life and also has a very significant effect on our children’s brain development.

Verbal speech, as well as nonverbal sounds, stimulate our emotions and help us react in a way that is just impossible when the communication is soundless.

Since using our voices is a basic human reaction, voices help us bridge cultural differences – studies shows that we can identify the emotional meaning in words, even if we don’t understand the spoken language. Think about what it means – it means that by using our voices, we can make a huge difference in connecting with people who need our help, or people who can teach us great values.

Voices also play a big part in stimulating us – we talked about the attractiveness of voices here.

So, it’s clear that we all need to go back and just use our voices more. Try to think about one simple thing you do every day, like texting “Good Morning” to you parents. Calling them or even just sending a voice message can and will make a huge difference in your relationship because hearing voices trigger emotions. It’s as simple as that.

Use Your Voice.


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