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Stepping Up Your Game – The Attractiveness of Voices

Let’s just say it straight up – voices have a direct line to our libidos. We can get super attracted to a person based on her or his voice alone – think about hearing a new artist on the radio for the first time or listening to someone you’ve never heard before on HearMeOut. Our reactions to voice are immediate and work on all of our senses. Based on someone’s voice alone, we will start to imagine one’s looks, what they will feel like (yes, admit it), if they are potential partners and so on.

It might sound a bit weird, exaggerated maybe, but we interpret voices as a sexual thing (we explained why here).

There is a strong connection between finding a person attractive and finding their voices attractive. Women tend to associate lower-pitched voices with masculine and attractive appearance, and science proves that men with low voices have higher levels of testosterone.

On the other side, men tend to think that women with higher-pitched voices are more physically attractive, and many times associate higher-pitched voices with youth and lower body weight.

Studies also show that people perceive women and men with attractive voices as also being more appealing by exterior appearance. That is usually measured by having relatively symmetrical features since facial and body symmetry is considered to be highly attractive. In other words, people with symmetrical faces are considered beautiful.

An interesting new study shows that there is some connection between people’s voices and their predicted sexual behavior and body configuration, by measuring shoulder-to-hip ratios in men and waist-to-hip ratios in women. While studies are still going strong, some results already show that people who have what is considered an attractive voice, usually have a more active sex life.

So, we know what a sexy voice is, but can we alter our own voice in order to make it sound more attractive and appealing?

Apparently, we actually all do just that. We alter our voices considering what we want from the person we talk to. Women will talk in a higher pitch if they talk to a potential romantic or sexual partner but will lower their voices if they speak to a longtime partner. Men will do the same – lower their voices while trying to attract women but will speak more softly to their wife or longtime girlfriend.

In conclusion, voices have a greater impact on us than we usually think. Explore new voices around you – tell us your latest finds on HearMeOut!


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