July 13, 2017 Lior Burg

The Increases of Voice and Audio in the Digital Space

The World Wide Web has changed our lives in the last two decades since it has become a common feature in almost every household across the world, connecting the world in ways never seen before.

In the last few years, an interesting shift has occurred, and that is that voice and audio are taking big parts in the digital world, over areas that have once been dedicated to written media.

The first few years of digital media have been almost primarily about words. Later on, social media has entered and with it the notion of using pictures and images as a means of communication and advertising.

Nowadays, it seems, people thrive to feel a real connection with each other, while still mostly communicating via electronic devices. Using voices and audio have been proving to help people feel more connected to other people, to companies, to different brands and organizations.

Vlogs are taking over blogs – hearing and seeing the person creates bigger identification and involvement than just written words.

Audio Broadcasts and Podcasts are gaining more and more popularity, and research has shown that spreading an idea or a campaign is much easier if using an audio method.

Using audio over written words is also more efficient for most people. Many people have taken their commuting time to learn new things or keep up to date with whatever is happening in the world – audio broadcasts help them do just that, while still being able to do other things such as driving, traveling and walking.

In conclusion, the use of audio and voice means that the digital space has become more and more important mostly because it helps people feel more connected while maintaining their day to day routine intact.

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