October 3, 2017 Lior Burg

The Louder, the Better! How to Make Storytelling More Captivating

Ok, let’s say that something INCREDIBLE just happened. You have been strolling the streets, doing your thing, and suddenly crossed paths with Taylor Swift or one of the Kardashians. Imagine that.

Or maybe, you just got a phone call saying you finally landed your dream job, the one that you have been working really hard to get for years.

And perhaps you were doing some grocery shopping when you came across your favorite Rocky Road ice cream that you haven’t found anywhere in forever and you just HAVE to tell your sister about, right now (this might be a true story).

So, now that all of this excitement is going on, you must share it with someone or with the rest of the world, right? Right.

You have two options. One is to write that excitement down – send a text message, post a new Facebook status or tweet about it. That’s all nice, don’t get us wrong, but does it transfer the feelings just right? Likely, the answer to that question is No. Emotions are a hard thing to transfer by written words, and many times, the feelings are lost to the transcript.

Now, option number two is way more up our ally – SAY IT OUT LOUD. You have just met Taylor Swift, this is not a drill, people, and that excitement needs to be heard around the globe!

Stories are always better when you can hear them – voices allow us to share the dominating feelings of the story, like excitement, joy, fear, happiness, sadness and so on.

While it’s super hard to transfer emotions by using written words (ask all the people who have failed to publish their books), it’s really easy to do so by using our voices to tell our amazing stories.

So, yes, Use Your Voices, people, and tell us about something really cool that happened to you today (ice cream included, of course)!


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