July 27, 2017 Lior Burg

How Text-Messaging Sabotages Your Relationships

Most of us cannot even remember how we lived our lives prior to the invention of text messages. We got so used to choosing writing communication instead of talking on the phone, never mind meeting in person, that most of the day we don’t even make it a conscious decision, we just reach for our phones and text.

The official reports are quite astonishing – text is the most used form of communication for American adults under 50, and American people spend almost 5 hours a day using their phones.

But, as easy as it may be to just scribble some words and add a kissing emoji, choosing texting instead of using your voice can actually hurt your personal and business relationships.

Words can transfer into many things, including feelings and opinions, but texts can hardly do so. Most of us aren’t professional writers, for starters, and even if we are, expressing our exact feelings by writing is a hard thing to do. Furthermore, texting has a limited space and it’s hard to get into a serious discussion using only written words.

The most critical thing text communication is lacking, however, is VOICE. Voice is our main way of communication, and recently we forget how to use it correctly.

By using our voice in order to communicate with others, either by phone or in person, we deliver intonation that gives clear understanding to the other side of what is it that we want to say. Without hearing the intonation, we can mistake a simple line like “Ok, bye for now” to be a million other things. Is it an angry goodbye? Is it a promising line to meet said person later that day? Did the other person even read what I just wrote to them? And so on and so on and before we even understand what is happening, we have a misunderstanding on our hands.

Texting someone is often an easy way to avoid conflicts and fights, but more often than not, texting causing said conflicts and fights because we keep missing each other’s real meaning.

Using our voice means that we are always clear about whatever it is we want to deliver, and whoever is listening to us cannot interpret it differently because we said it loud and clear.

Use your voice to communicate, be brave and stand behind your opinions, wants and needs.

Use your voice!

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