April 4, 2017 lior menashe

Special Moments Need To Be Heard!

There are moments in life, in which words on paper (or your phone screen) are just not enough. We experience life through sounds and voices, through words and tones.

What if you could share the sound of special moments, like the excited scream, when you find out you got into the college of your dreams. The precious cry of your newborn child. The sound of your loved one’s voice.

Voices are also tied with day to day moments that we wish we could replay forever, like the uncontrollable laughter that explodes when you’re hanging with your friends on a Saturday night, the excited barks of your dog when you return home at the end of the day, the hypnotizing sound of the rain on a lazy Sunday morning and the off-key singing in the shower every morning, because everyone can relate to off-key singing, right?

Well, guess what?

Now you can.

Be heard. And listen.



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