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How to Share Your Voice with the World

So by now, you’re familiar with HearMeOut and you’re getting used to having your voice heard by the world. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The next step is making sure everyone else you know online hears you.

One of the best ways to get new followers to your HearMeOut profile and make sure more people are listening to you is to simply use your other social network channels.

Here’s what you do, and trust us – it’s super easy!

1. Record your post, obviously. Speak up about whatever’s on your mind.

2. Choose an interesting description and hashtags, it’ll follow your post when it’s shared across your other social networks.

3. Post it to your feed

4. See these three little dots underneath the post? Click it

5. Share your post to Facebook and Twitter easily, or copy the link to your the post to share it somewhere else (Instagram? Pinterest? Your Blog?).

That’s it! Now everyone, everywhere, can hear you out.

Use your voice!


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