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How to Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

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Your voice is unique and one of a kind. Now, we want people to hear you out, right?

Ok, this is how to make it happen:

1.Make your description heard: Make sure that the ‘headline’ you give to your new posts gives your listeners’ a good understanding of what you are talking about.For example – ‘My potato salad recipe in 40 seconds!’ or ‘Why I think the Giants will win the game tonight’.

2.Use the Category option to make sure people hear you:One of the coolest advantages of HearMeOut is the ability to selectively choose which posts to listen to. By categorizing your recordings, you help your listeners find your posts easily and faster.

3.Hashtag, Hashtags: Adding several hashtags will be a terrific way to get your posts noticed. People are searching for interesting hashtags in the Search screen, so by using the right Hashtags, you’ll be able to reach the right listeners for you. When your post is shared by you or someone else on Twitter, HearMeOut will share both the description and the hashtags.

This way, your audio posts are part of the social conversation on other platforms, and your killer posts will be heard by more and more new people. And just like that, you are on your way to becoming the next viral thing. Good luck!


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