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Lenea: Creating Music in Oslo

When you think of Norway, you may think of stunning fjords, dramatic green and blue landscapes or white, snow covered countryside. But Norway is also known for artistic creativity and great music. Norwegians, by law, are limited in the time they can work, so they have more free time than some other countries.

Lenea, a singer and songwriter from Norway, loves the opportunity to sing at some of the many venues popular for music lovers in Oslo.

Lenea recently shared with us a bit about herself. She loves to write songs and perform, something she started doing at 17 years old. Her hardworking nature and love for music keep her motivated to continue creating new music for her listeners. She has written over 60 songs to date.

In 2017, she appeared on the Norwegian version of The Voice to share her talent on stage. Since her hometown, Oslo, is not only the country’s capital but also a music center, she has plenty of opportunities to develop and share her music. Naturally, living in a city that encourages and supports musicians helps artists to pursue their careers. Lenea also shares her music on Facebook and Instagram, as well as HearMeOut.

Her father, who played the organ, inspired her to learn piano, which she uses to add melody to her original song lyrics. Currently, she performs at small gigs on her own as well as sings backup for Norwegian singer Adam Douglas. She is working on recording some songs in the studio to put together an EP.

No stranger to music, she studies music theory and would like to attend music school in the near future. This drive to immerse herself in music should pay back in a refined quality of music. As for her music tastes, she enjoys a variety of vocalists from Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, and Prince. She also keeps up with local Norwegian artists Adam Douglas, Aurora, and Dagny.

Lenea loves sharing her music with listeners on HearMeOut. The app is a great place for artists to connect and give advice, helpful suggestions, and encouragement. She told us the app is easy to use and online support is great, making it easy to find a home to share with fellow creators. Give her a listen and some feedback!


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