May 8, 2017 gilarel

Three Ways to Find New Voices on HearMeOut

Welcome! We are so happy that you joined the voice movement and the HearMeOut community. Now that you are here, let us hook you up with some interesting voices.

  1. The Discovery Screen:

It’s so simple. You can find who’s trending right now on HearMeOut. You will also find people that we think you might know. Check out some new voices, the sounds might surprise you!

  1. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:

Let us do the work and introduce you to some interesting voices we think you’ll dig. We keep updating our social network profiles with some interesting topics and new people we think are worth listening to.

  1. Follow the followers: HearMeOut Followers!

Found a voice you like? Check out who the person is listening to by going to his or her profile and clicking on ‘following’. Chances are he or she is listening to some interesting people themselves. The possibilities are endless!


Questions? Feedback? Other Suggestions?

Give us a shout at


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