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Delphine Serra: The Emotional Side of Music

Some music is part poetry and part emotion. For Delphine Serra, a 17 year old singer, with a love for emotional lyrics and strong vocals, music is emotional and poetic. We interviewed Delphine recently about her music and aspirations.

She shares, “Now I’m finally in a good place where I can write music that I love.” Since she was little, she was “dramatic” and loved to perform. Her brother, when she was young, put together music shows where she had to compete with her nieces for best performer. Sadly her brother didn’t pick her as best vocal artist but her love for performing and singing continued to blossom.

Her father encouraged her singing, playing old school songs on CD’s while she belted out the words. For Delphine, the magic of singing is also performing on video or on stage. A musician who is driven to share her music has potential to really go far.

Delphine lives in a small town in the south of the Netherlands. Since some Dutch music is sung in English, her music is easily accessible to English speaking listeners. She is working on an EP right now as well as putting new music up on HearMeOut.

As for her music interests she likes artists who are unique and highly creative. She likes British folk music singer, songwriter Keaton Henson because of his heartfelt lyrics that draw listeners in. She admires, “the way he makes you feel like you’re the one experiencing his pain.”

She also likes American singer Brendon Urie’s vocal ability with Panic! At the Disco as well as Halsey. Halsey brings plenty of emotion and creativity to her music having come from a rough upbringing and dark experiences before coming into her own in the music world.

Another musician Delphine admires is Billie Eilish who is fearless in expressing her vocal talents. Delphine’s interest in deeply emotional music helps her develop her own vocal talents because she knows good singing is more than just humming along to sheet music.

Delphine loves the idea of HearMeOut because it’s a place to share your talents without being judged. So many people judge others based on their clothes, their appearance, their actions. Focusing on just the performance helps creators share their voice, not the things that are just fluff.

Find Delphine on Instagram or on HearMeOut to offer some feedback. She’s anxious to share and find her place in a strong performing community.

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