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Chloe Johnson: From Bluegrass to Pop

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When you think iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play, you probably think pop, country, or hip hop. But there is a broad range of music out there for every music lover. Chloe Johnson plays the violin but not classical music.

The violin, also known as a fiddle, can accompany a variety of music styles. It’s wood body, long handle, and four strings tuned carefully to perfect fifths was Chloe’s introduction to music and inspiration to start singing.

Chloe’s violin teacher suggested she try bluegrass music and sing along as she played. She began to play at local venues to perform in front of an audience. Bluegrass music, from the Appalachians, has roots in Scottish, Irish, and English traditional music.

Often bluegrass bands perform with each instrument, usually a violin, banjo, or guitar, played to the melody in turn. Playing the instruments individually throughout the song is both a southern country style as well as a jazz style.

Chloe loves music so much she decided to learn the ukulele, guitar, and piano. If you check out her Instagram or HearMeOut, you’ll probably hear her singing pop, hip hop, or country songs as she plays her keyboard or guitar. Adding in her own lyrics would give her the start to creating her own sound. Vocally, she is very talented.

She shares, “I am so pumped to see what y’all think. It’s going to be super crazy this year.” She wants to get her music out to get feedback from a great community.

As for her own musical tastes, she likes a few well known artists: Demi Lovato, who she has followed for a long time and Justin Bieber because he is just so super attractive. She loves Lovato’s new soulful sound, keeping her music fresh for her listeners. Another favorite is Michael Franti who creates unique, dance worthy reggae and funk music.

An interesting and strong performer Chloe listens to is ZZ Ward, a singer who blends blues and hip hop. A small town girl born in Abington Pennsylvania, Ward sang hip hop with her brother and occasionally helped with vocals in her dad’s blues band. Now living in LA, Ward has produced several albums.

Chloe hasn’t come out with her own album yet but she is working to perfect her recording voice. She says, “HearMeOut is quite honestly my favorite app and program ever. I love, love, love the fact that I can record my voice for a community of supportive, kind, and goal-oriented people.” Artists and creators alike can give Chloe a listen and feedback so she can get a little further down the road of her music career.

She loves that the app “gives us a chance to vocalize our opinions which can be silenced in our world today.” She points out that the community spirit makes it easy to see those who see your point of view or appreciate your style. Check her out at musicchloejohnson.


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