June 25, 2017 Lior Burg

Car Connectivity – New Ways to Improve Safety

The age of smartphones has brought new challenges to automakers – how can we combine using drive-related applications, such as GPS and music apps, while still keeping drivers and passengers safe? By now, it is well known how even a brief moment of averting our eyes from the road ahead can put us and drivers around us in danger.

In recent years, automakers and developers have come together to invent a new way to keep us connected, yet safe while driving.

SDL – Smart Device Link (SmartDeviceLinkā„¢) is a new technology, which connects the smartphone to your vehicle onboard display, and is based on using voice commands in order to activate the app you need. Using our voice helps keep our attention on what’s going on around us.

That way, we can achieve a few important goals – there’s no need to look down at your phone anymore. All the information you need is right there where you can hear it.

Not only can your eyes stay on the road ahead, but your hands can stay on the wheel – where they belong while driving.

All you need to do in order to reach the app you need is to use your VOICE. That’s it. Use your voice to operate apps that can help you drive better, safer and reach your destinations safely and conveniently.

By driving a car with SDL, it’s easier to reach your favorite playlist, to get clear directions from your GPS app about wherever it is you’re going, command your phone to read to you that important email you just got, and of course – help you listen to the new voice posts on HearMeOut, and even record a new post yourself, because all you need to use is your voice.

It helps you stay fully connected and more importantly, safe.


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