Alyssa Taylor: Comfortably Stylish

Artists who feel comfortable performing already have one hurdle to a career out of the way. And Alyssa Taylor, an up and coming actress and music artist, loves to perform. We recently interviewed Alyssa who wants to pursue what she loves to do: acting and singing. She is originally from Colorado, but now lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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HearMeOut 2.0: Voice-Based App That’s Revolutionizing Social Media

HearMeOut 2.0 is here and it’s changing the way we interact with social media, and the way that social media interacts with us! As the leading voice-based social network, HearMeOut is on a mission to make social media both easier to use and more exciting to be a part of.

Our 2.0 version lets users add images to posts and bring their voice to life, and create voice memes. Yes. Voice memes. The app has a new home page full of your favorite content which makes it even easier to find content you want to listen to.

HearMeOut’s new design is sleek, easy to navigate, and lots of fun. More importantly, HearMeOut 2.0 has improved the Drive Mode experience. So you can now––safely––play on the go!  

Making noise on social media

Recently, more and more people are turning to their own voices as a medium for communication in our text-based world. It’s probably because of how integrated our lives are with social sites. Now more than ever, they reflect us. And users want to use their voice because it conveys emotion, tone, and subtleties that text is unable to capture.

The average human can speak 150 words per minute, but only type 40 words at the same time. Which explains why there were 35x more Google voice search queries in 2016 than there were in 2008.

Using your voice is on the rise. And HearMeOut 2.0 is providing a social media platform for users to use their voice on.

How is this new social network disrupting the way we consume social content?

HearMeOut is a voice-based social network built around 42-second voice recordings. Voice is taking over our home, our cars and even our messengers, people are rapidly switching to audio for their daily needs. HearMeOut wants it to take over social media too.  

Which is why we have partnered with Ford Motors, and are currently the only social app in Ford entertainment systems, a natural fit for a voice-based social network.

Hundreds of influencers are already using the HearMeOut app, taking advantage of what voice can do for the brands they work with and even their own personal brand. They are even using this app with their existing social networks by sharing a voice post on Twitter and essentially creating “Voice Tweets”.

Voice is easier, and while driving––and walking––it’s safer

With the ability to listen to your social feed when driving, running or any other hands free activity, voice social adds more “screen time” to peoples’ days, expanding the reach for advertisers.  

Voice can expand the time users can be social. HearMeOut 2.0 is creating a way of life that lets you use your voice to share moments and create movement wherever you are.


Produce Me: Music Competition on HearMeOut

Win a recording session with music producer Glenn Swan!

HearMeOut, the voice based social network, is sending one lucky musician to meet and record a single with music producer Glenn Swan in NYC. The competition is taking place starting March 2018 and ending April 15th 2018.

To join the competition, simply record an audition post on HearMeOut and use both hashtags #ProduceMe and #Music. Invite your friends to like and share your audition posts. Download HearMeOut for IOS and Andriod.

Posts with high engagement will be listened to by Glenn and he will choose the winner based on his professional expertise, so make sure to bring forth your best stuff! Adding an image to your post will help it stand out.

For Terms & Conditions, click here. 

Who is Glenn?

Glenn is originally from New Orleans and has been producing for over 30 years. He has worked with some of the greatest musicians in the world such as Madonna, Nick Jonas, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and many more. You can find Glenn on HearMeOut as JazzySwan. 

Glenn visits FullSail. Check out the video. 

By participating in this competition, you adhere to the competition’s Terms of Service. 


Chloe Johnson: From Bluegrass to Pop

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When you think iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play, you probably think pop, country, or hip hop. But there is a broad range of music out there for every music lover. Chloe Johnson plays the violin but not classical music.
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Advice In My Beautiful Bride – Where To Go

The course of internal mates for no reason runs smooth, as somebody once said, consequently there is extensive truth in the indicating. People are certainly persons, so becoming section of a few typically means compromises have to created, plus the typically strengthen a relationship. In case you were just as your partner practically in strategy things would soon acquire boring, so having differences often means that you can go with the other.

You do not possess to get drop dead gorgeous to become listed on some of our agency BUT don’t actually think of joining in case you brush mane for a bald patch and ‘fix’ it with! Don’t appear in becoming far too eager! When you first meet people, prevent the dialogue light. Whatever you do don’t discuss future plans – “Hello Sandra – before I order the drinks don’t you your thoughts if I ask you — do you want children? ” is NOT a good great choice!

Preventing Fraudsters

Generally speaking, men can be extremely amorous at the start of a good relationship, but once they’ve already their “catch, ” then “no more Mr. nice guy. ” That is a shame, because clever men round keep in mind that that is definitely only half the conflict won. If you need to maintain the prize, you’ve got to hold working. There will always be an additional predator about, who’ll wish to change her attention removed from most people. You can see the charm, through those gleaming pearly white teeth, even though you may well phone him a good sleaze-ball! Ah, but put it off wasn’t that you just, in years past.

If you want to try their services, it is also possible to look through great deal of all of them. Traditional marriage brokers include their own own personal offices to check out them and enquire of these individuals for help. You can even get their communicate with details with phone directories or create ads. Finding an interceder could be carried out online when more consumers are right now using the web-based meant for personal and business use.

One more crucial thing could be to consider and make ones self worth active and thriving. Go out partying a lot with all your associates, and attempt to possess mainly because enjoyable as humanly possible. This could furthermore help to insure your ex recognize the amount of entertaining you will be to get near, and merely what he’s losing by in no way being in conjunction with you. Today, you ought not change your way of life around entirely. If you’re certainly not genuinely enthusiastic about people, do alternative activities, although stay occupied although focusing concerning having a good time though it’s tough without him.

Delphine Serra: The Emotional Side of Music

Some music is part poetry and part emotion. For Delphine Serra, a 17 year old singer, with a love for emotional lyrics and strong vocals, music is emotional and poetic. We interviewed Delphine recently about her music and aspirations.

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Uncomplicated Viagra Online Systems – A Closer Look

As outlined by a good newly released online survey almost 50% of men globally are unsatisfied together with the size of the penis. Due to this lot various fake companies endeavor to aim at this drained spot of males by means of advertising many machines and pills which declare that they can increase the measured member. In this article why don’t we find out what simply can help you on increasing penis size and ways to determine whether people is usually intending carryout a mislead out of your circumstance.

Care for Impotence – Herbal Programs For Thicker, Harder Erections Which Last Longer!

For sure it happens to be true the fact that smooth moves and fire can improve value, but it’s additionally correct that more than 50% of that time period girls admit to faking sexual climaxes. If smooth moves was all it again turned out on the subject of then why would gals even have to bother faking satisfaction in order to boost what sort of men they are with feel?

viagra over the counter usa 2018 The majority marriages and relationships happen to be broken with this issue, why would a female plan to abide by you individuals that wants complete sexually, true there’re saying majority of the women are merely for that bucks, nevertheless that assumptions seriously isn’t 100% true. Women also usually do not ruse employing their sex life, they love intimacy as often as we all do, the fact that this really a taboo to enable them demonstrate to it, if not they on many occasions they’d end up being labelled as “whores”.

Some men experience erection failure issues that can be extremely severe. At this extremist stage the only option left for cure is actually a procedure. In this surgical treatment something is normally inserted which supports anyone when you get your harder erection. With other cases of surgery all the veins can also be handled which contributed to the relieving while using challenge. Basically there is usually a inorganic in the guy body called nitric oxide supplements which usually assists with raising the circulation of blood around the dick. It is this strong circulation of blood who assists a person secure his erection easily. Therefore the main purpose of all medication available with the marketplace is always to strengthen nitric oxide supplement inside a mans body or improve her effects then it can aid the man get a great erection better.

Other than these age related EDWARD problems, there are lots of of other health worries that might end up fouling improve domestic plumbing. Both extreme drinking and smokes have indicated to end up being allies in male impotence problems. Complications with the kidney and liver disease may additionally help to make maintaining a good harder erection complex. Getting surgeries or chemotherapy over the prostate/ penile area also expands the possibility of becoming impotent. Since hormones play a significant part in arousal, possessing a poor testosterone count as well medicine caused hormonal problem are also able to result in the following challenge.

Anivocals: Growing Into Her Music

Some people are born with musical talent and have the natural ability to add depth and feeling to the music they perform. We recently sat down with Ani Mikaelian, a young singer who is already developing her music career.

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Lenea: Creating Music in Oslo

When you think of Norway, you may think of stunning fjords, dramatic green and blue landscapes or white, snow covered countryside. But Norway is also known for artistic creativity and great music. Norwegians, by law, are limited in the time they can work, so they have more free time than some other countries.

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Alexandra Kay: Staying True to Country

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Alexandra Kay is excited about her music right now and you can really feel her heart and energy in the country music she creates. The singer from Millstadt, Illinois, likes the more traditional sound of country rather than the pop blend that has become so popular now. She shared with us a bit about her and her music career right now.

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