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Anivocals: Growing Into Her Music

Some people are born with musical talent and have the natural ability to add depth and feeling to the music they perform. We recently sat down with Ani Mikaelian, a young singer who is already developing her music career.

She shared that she is a freshman in high school who performs and competes with her show choir. She declares, “singing is my passion.” This makes sense because her brother plays guitar and piano, her dad plays piano and conducted music, and her mother is a former opera singer.

Ani wants her fans to hear her music so she connects with them on Instagram, HearMeOut and her own YouTube channel. Right now she’s doing song covers to give a new spin to popular favorites. She already has the sense that it’s important to get your sound out there to get feedback.

Experts in growing a music career say that you should share your music to grow a fan base, get comfortable performing, and if you are smart, fine tune what you do. There are two parts that are important to growing a career: developing a unique style and being responsive to your listeners.

There are so many artists out there that if you develop a style all your own and make your listeners feel you are interesting and open to conversation, you will have more success.

Another important element is performing live, which Ani does with her choir. Posting quick sound clips to HearMeOut is another way to perform for others easily, share photos, stories, and interact using audio.

The instant feedback of social media helps Ani to both find an audience and take the criticism so she can make improvements. In her own life, she admires Demi Lovato, a pop star who struggled with self image and addiction and came out on top. Lovato has shared her struggles with the public to get the word out about the pitfalls and successes of musical performance.

Ani likes that HearMeOut is “unique and fresh,” and lets her share her voice and opinion with a simple tap. Newer artists can really benefit from more experienced ones as well as give honest feedback to help the artist community grow and thrive. Look for Anivocals on social media to give her a listen.


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